Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brittney Connelly

Digital #2

Unknown Artist

I am sad that I could not get the image any larger, and cannot figure out who the artist is. Anyone who reads this, do you know who made this image? I came across this image when I was looking at some of Uta Barth’s work. I am not sure of the artist but I just found the image so striking that I had to write about it. I like how the window looking out to the city fills the left side of the photograph, with the white curtain filling the right side leading your eye down a very narrow tunnel. The stark white color of the curtain contrasts the flowing material; there is a beautiful sterile softness to the right side of the image. Also the white side contrasts the window, as the material seems flowing and loose, the city, buildings and harsh horizontal lines of the blinds make the left side very ridged. It feels as if you have no choice but to remain in between these two places within the photograph. As the viewer, you get a feeling of being stuck between two worlds and an inability to exist in either one. The viewer exists as an onlooker to both places but not participant in either. The beautiful cool tones also lend to this melancholy feeling

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