Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fatmeh Hmaidan on Nacho Lopez and Nan Goldin

Nacho Lopez - Mexican Photographer

I was really intrigued by Nacho Lopez's portrayal of the mexican revolution in a time where there was no single voice speaking up for that culture. His images capture the reality of real people, which shows, to me, the emotion of life in a country that I don't fully understand myself. His portraits seem raw, but yet his hand has affected them in some way. Not necessarily meaning that their staged but perhaps a better term would be "tweaked" to help the message come across or add something that might be missing. The portrait of the woman with her hands clutching her face is so emotional, there is so much going on, so much to take in. I find myself wondering what she might be going through, what problems she must face and if she has the strength to continue. Her body language reads tension and sadness, this makes me want to know more. Not to mention the actual image is completely visibly stunning, Lopez's location and lighting are one of the major contributions to why, I think, the image drew me in.

Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin is a female photographer who just lays it all out on the table, a brave, honest artist. Her work and style has always inspired me to let myself go and not put boundaries on my own work.I, like her, find myself trying to photograph something real but I try not alter it too much and just allow the subject matter to speak for itself. Her portraits are of normal people in their own natural social environment. But what do you consider normal? Some of the subjects she chooses might be a little "off ", but that's what's so appealing about them. Her "self-portraits" are so " giving ", I mean that she doesn't hide herself and who she is. She allows us to see her, and the mistakes that come along with her. This courage to show reality is something I find myself trying to accomplish with my own imagery.

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