Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Library Journal- Claudia Melgar


Photographer: Robert Adams

Img: (carnival at night) couldn’t find title


Black and white, great composition, enough distance between the camera and subject, square image, tonal ranges vary, beautifully sharp for a close to night time shot in motion, the separation between the clouds and the sky make the landscape a bit confusing in a good way, the range of lights adds to the intensity of the tones, looks like fun but its kind of lonely, one visible person.

My interpretation:

The fact that this image, at first glance, looked like something a bit different then what it is, automatically attracted me to it. When I first saw it, I was sure that it was a night shot of a carnival but the background is what took me an extra second to figure out. The way the white sky and dark clouds parted so cleanly from each other was perfect. If the white sky would be the background of the carnival lights, the lighting would not be as effective. The variety of lights from rides and stands around the carnival against the darkness of the clouds makes everything pop more. The slanted position of the circular ride adds motion and life to all of it even though you hardly see anyone in the image. Which makes me feel as if something is wrong or something bad is going to happen.



Photographer: Dawoud Bey

Img: Odalys
2003, chromogenic print

30 x 40 in.


Lighting appears natural, relaxed position, great focus on the eyes, straight forward shot, the caption included seems to reflect and match the persons character.

My interpretation:

When I skimmed through the pages of the book, Class Pictures by Photographer Dawoud Bey, I realized they were all very real and natural poses from students. Odalys’ pictures was the one that captivated me the most. Not only because of her sincere and not very interested pose, but because of her caption. Which says, “My name is Odalys, and I’m a good person, and I like to play with my baby. It’s real fun to play with her, and I hope this baby comes out, you know, healthy, and I hope that I can get out of school and study. I want to be a professional doctor ‘cause that’s what I want to do.

I hope everybody remembers me, because I just started in this school and everybody knows me, ‘The little pregnant girl,’ so, I hope they remember me.”

She doesn’t seem to care very much about posing but she cares about people remembering her after high school is over. There is a sense of needing acceptance from others even if they don’t know her. I like that in her short paragraph she tells about the three things that are important to her; her baby, her future, and being remembered. The way her caption is written is obvious that she wrote it herself and really ages her as a teenager. It’s written as if she was actually saying it “you know”. The rawness of the entire piece is so captivating all together due to the fact that there is a teenage pregnant student, surrounded by other teens, that is about to become a mother but yet is thinking of things kids think of, like becoming a “professional doctor.”



Photographer: Tim Davis

Img: Abortion Clinic Protest


Day time, sunny, protesting caught in action, the angled composition helps to view a part of the protesters and the clinic, the way people are dressed or by what they are holding helps to identify who they are.

My Interpretations:

This image caught my eye the most because of the emotion you feel that comes out of it. I can tell what is going on in this image by the signs and people’s actions without having to read the

title provided. I love the angle and distance he was at to capture the physical gestures that, I assume is a preacher or pastor of some sort, has. Its great that the viewer can read almost every sign on the image even though he’s standing at an angle but it helps to come to your own

conclusion about the situation. One of my favorite people in the picture is the security guard. I like how the protesters don’t faze him, he seems to be use to having them around, yet he is also holding a disposable camera that makes me wonder if he confiscated it or has it to photograph any thing that may happen.



Photographer: Lupita Murillo Tinnen

Img: Marketing, age 3


Compilation of images, color, different perspectives, in a room, intimate, no faces, text, obvious that it’s a student, warm tones.

My Interpretation:

The image clearly tells me that something is wrong with the subject but not physically. There is a reason why we don’t see her face and she seems lonely and separated from others. I have become a bit familiar with Tinnen’s work because my work is very similar to what she did. My only opinion about some of her images is that I feel some of them are too crowded with images and information. This particular image is one that I would enjoy more if it would just be the main large image. I think this image would be more successful without a few of the small images that are overlaid on the larger image and possibly one of the others around the frame. Although over all the images are beautifully shot and the lighting looks so natural and warm for this specific image.



Photographer: Dulce Pinzon

Img: MINERVA VALENCIA from Puebla works as a nanny in New York. She Sends 400 dollars a week.


Rich colors, subject is wearing a superhero costume, children in need, toys in a living room, day light, rich colors, subject is very centered, the children are not the superhero’s lady’s children.

My Interpretation:

The most obvious observation is that there is a woman in a costume holding children. She appears to be a different race than the children so I can tell they are not her kids. But the children seem very comfortable with her and vise versa, which is implied because they are around her, they’re not crying, and one of the kids is spitting out food into her hand. Knowing that this woman is their nanny is almost irrelevant because you can already assume that just by viewing the picture. I do enjoy the image and how it portrays the nanny as a superhero to this family because without her, the situation would be completely different, or non-existent, for that matter.

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