Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deborah Stratman lecture

I was reluctant to go to her lecture at first. The video work of hers that we've seen in class didn't particularly interest me at all, I'm afraid to admit..."The BLVD" just rambled on and on and on...and there was a car wreck, and more rambling.

So why we couldn't have talked about her sound experiments in class? Sonic Warfare in particular looks really cool. I really want to see that work in person, though I believe that all the sounds would overwhelm me pretty quickly. (That toddler seemed like he was having a ball, though.) And the hollowed out horses in Marfa...the concept itself fascinates me. I'm still in disbelief that the installation was based on an actual spy technique (Wikipedia says it actually happened, so it must be true!). I really want to hang out in one of those fake horses for a the idea of a hollow horse broadcasting polka music makes me smile.

I especially love the concept of the horse picking up border control radio signals. Having a spy horse set up to overhear where border police are and what they're up to (and, theorecticaly, warn potential illegal immigrants) is conceptually brilliant.

Stratman talks giddyly about EVERYTHING-she discussed everything in her lecture with a slight hint of excitement. This may be why "The BLVD" didn't really do anything for me: the car wreck near the end was just as interesting as that one guy's bad jokes, and the filmmaking reflects that.

One last thing: apparently Dario Robleto was part of the same Marfa project Stratman was in (it's an ongoing series of installation pieces). Can we have a mass field trip to Marfa next year? Please? :D

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