Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journals-Claudia M.

Just on a side Note: All of my images dont necessarily relate to my journals. =] Some were just experimental and for fun.

Journal #1

Frank White

Neat guy. I honestly enjoyed our time in his studio space/ house. Which on a side note, I love the way his house is connected with his work space, I have always hoped I would have that type of space for myself some day and be able to invite people to see my house/loft looking studio. But anyways, back to White, he is an experienced photographer that I now admire for his hard work. He gave me a reality check when saying that sometimes we will have to do other type of photography such as commercial work in order to pay the bills, etc. Which is totally true we cant always have a dream like life where everything is like we imagine it. We don’t live in a fairy tale so unfortunately we cant have a fairy tale life. I realized that he has worked hard and carefully for a long time, and he learns from his experiences, good or bad. His conceptual work was comical, simple, very clean, and well put together. Sometimes in school we think that our work has to be the deepest thoughts from la la land and we take it too extremely serious. But what I saw from his work is that it was something he saw and liked so he produced the work, like the “run over” items.

Journal #2

Reliant Stadium

I’ve never been to Reliant Stadium to watch a Football game, although Im sure Im not missing out very much on anything, but, I have been for other events. So the fact that we were going to go where not very many people get to go was exciting to me. Im such a kid when it comes to things like this (being “behind the scenes”). The structure of the place is very photogenic in my opinion. There were many good spots to shoot that looked neat; nothing more really. When we were on the actual field I wanted to run all over it and let loose but obviously we couldn’t. I felt like such an outsider even though we were in the places insiders go threw. I felt like we went through an entire maze and with out our tour guide Im sure we would all be lost. There were doors leading to all kinds of random places, which was fun because you didn’t know what to expect next. But all in all it was a great experience. I cant believe I actually considered working for Reliant as a photographer, but if it pays the bills, I’m there. Ha!

Journal #3

69th Street Waste Water Treatment Plant

Yuck! I have to give props to the people that work directly with these machines or on the actual treatment grounds. At the first sight of waste I almost threw up in Brittney’s car. It was interesting and neat to see the way the water is cleaned and then released back to the bayou. It is not an easy task to accomplish if the machines decide not to work properly or break down. There was something that our tour guide said that caught my attention and that was, “we just speed up the process of water treatment that nature already does on its own.” It was fascinating to hear that nature already does this for us, but since we are so over populated, we have to speed it up to function according to our time and needs. Just like many things in society, we as humans, every day want access or demand things faster and faster. We are a society that is growing out of patience, but so much that in some areas we HAVE to do it because of the way we have already been raised; like the treatment plant. The photo I selected for this field trip is one of Os taking pics of the nasty waste and Brittney C and Danielle are watching, and it just made me think of why we waste time watching/photographing/consuming waste in the world in general; figuratively speaking.

Journal #4

IAH Trip

Since I found out we would be going to IAH I was already excited for that trip. I was looking forward to it and hoped it was worth the time. And it TOTALLY WAS! This was one of the best field trips ever. We had the awesomest, nicest, smartest guys in the whole place to show us around. I still cant believe we actually got to go up on the tower. In all my life of living in Houston, I had never stood in a place where I could walk and see nearly all of Houston in a 360 degree walkway or catwalk as they call it. The best part was, well all of it. I really love the structure of planes and enjoy photographing them in all types of angles. I’ve been to the Houston Air Show the past two years and have become attached a bit to capturing the planes in action. Anyways, the experiences, conversations and knowledge shared to us was definitely inspiring to me and allowed me to see (literally) another side of the mechanics it takes to run this place.

Journal #5

One for One!

This year, for the second time, I joined the TOMS shoes campaign of “One for One” or one day with out shoes, which is to raise awareness about other people around the world that don’t have shoes. Last year I did it for a little bit, but this year I set a goal and stuck to it of how long or which places I would NOT wear shoes at. For the most part I didn’t wear shoes unless I had to walk in the parking lot at school or from our building to the satellite. It was weird but not very hard. I was uncomfortable being dirty and so exposed to the “cleanliness” we have in our building, specially the chemical labs. Yuck! But even then, I stuck to it. It was definitely a mind opener of how fortunate we are to have something so simple yet so scarce in other countries. I recommend anyone try this, even if its just while you drive, or walking from your car to the front door. Just do it!

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