Monday, May 9, 2011

Os - Journal

Frank White’s Studio was an eye opener. It was interesting and informative to see the way a photographer works within the “real world”. At the same time however, I felt like his studio was kind of a relic, anachronistic almost, since modern artists in Houston don’t own studios as much anymore. For that reason it was a bit of a novelty, akin to going to the zoo and seeing the last great panda or some other dying breed.

I wish he would’ve talked a bit more about the technical aspects of his practice. He seemed pretty focused on the financial side of things. It’d be interesting seeing another artist more interested in conceptual work and less interested in making money.

His conceptual work was a little shallow I thought. He kept calling his work humorous. I understood his humor but I didn’t find it funny. His work was funny in the way that Garfield the comic is funny, which is to say not funny at all.

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