Friday, May 6, 2011

Megan - Journals

Visiting Frank White's studio was an interesting experience. He was much more of a schmoozer/fast talker than a conceptual artist. He did have some aesthetically appealing work, be he also seemed to be more into himself than anything else. It was nice, however, to see that you can have a commercial career and have fun with it. But I do think Frank took himself way too seriously considering the work he was putting out there.

Reliant Stadium was pretty interesting. I went there for the rodeo one time, about 10 years ago. I'm not really one for sporting events, etc. But it was still a cool experience. The stadium is ridiculously massive. I can't even imagine how many people it takes to keep that place running.

Visiting the waste water facility was probably the worst trip I've ever been on. it was definitely interesting to see just how much waste is put out by even a small portion of such a huge city. It was really disgusting. Especially considering the water is filtered and recycled back into our drinking water. I know it goes through a major decontamination/filtration process, but it still makes me wonder if it's 100% clean and safe to drink...

Going to IAH was one of the most amazing experiences for me. Definitely my favorite field trip of the semester. I've never flown commercially and have only been to the airport a few times to pick people up, so this was a pretty big experience for me. Especially going behind the scenes. Going inside air traffic control was awesome. Looking on either side of you and seeing planes come in one after the other after the other is really something else. Watching the planes come and go on the runway was the best part. It was so surreal. I could have stayed there all day. It was just amazing.

It was a really great experience to meet Trenton Doyle Hancock and see his studio work space. It is so refreshing to meet an artist who is into the actual craft and so hands on with their work. It really put a lot into perspective for me. It actually made me feel pretty nostalgic. It really got me thinking about why I started doing photography in the first place and how much I really want to get back into my original style of work. Go back to my roots and just do what made me happy to begin with.

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